Vladimir Zegarac
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Vladimir �egarac




Welcome to my site 

If you are here for the first time, the chances are that you know next to nothing about me,

or even worse: you think you already know me better than you would like to. Either way,

I hope that your visit to my site will change this sad state of affairs. 


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Some of my texts


Compliments and Refusals in Poland and England: A Case Study

(draft of forthcoming paper, written jointly with Joanna Bhatti)


The pilot study presented in this paper investigates the production and reception of compliments and refusals in the relatively proximate cultures of England and Poland. The findings reveal significant systematic cross-cultural differences relating to refusals, while the differences relating to compliments are fewer and more subtle. The data suggests that the cross-cultural similarities and differences observed can be explained in terms of (a) a universalist view of institutional speech acts and face concerns in rapport management, (b) the Relevance-theoretic view of communication and cognition as oriented towards maximizing informativeness, and (c) some culture-specific values. These tentative conclusions are based on very limited data and indicate useful directions for future research.


Review of Roy Harris (2009), Rationality and the Literate Mind New York: Routledge.

pp.190 ISBN10: 0-415-99901-4. In Writing & Pedagogy, Vol 3, No 1 (2011)

http://www.equinoxjournals.com/WAP/article/view/ 10891/8233


Review of Dimitra Koutsantoni (2007) Developing Academic Literacies: Understanding

Disciplinary Communities� Culture and Rhetoric. Vol. 4, Contemporary Studies in

Descriptive Linguistics. Oxford: Peter Lang. pp. 302 ISBN: 9783039105755.

2009, in Writing & Pedagogy, Vol 1, No2 

http://www.equinoxjournals.com/WAP/article/view/ 8908/pdf


Phatic Communication,

2009, article published in the Routledge Encyclopaedia of Pragmatics. Edited by Louise Cummings.

London: Routledge.


A cognitive pragmatic perspective on communication and culture.

2007, in: Handbooks of Applied Linguistics Vol. 7: Intercultural Communication. Volume editors: Helga Kotthoff and Helen Spencer-Oatey. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


The main aim of this article is to provide an introductory cognitive-psychological account of communication in the context of culture. I argue that a plausible account of inter-cultural communication should provide an explicit characterization of cultural knowledge and a reasoned account of the way cultural knowledge is used in communication (as part of the context). I try to show that the theoretical backbone of Sperber�s epidemiological approach to culture and Sperber and Wilson�s (1986/95) Relevance-theoretic approach to communication provides a plausible approach to these issues.

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Ideological stance:

Part 1: The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

                                      Karl Marx


Part 2: People try to change the world � instead of themselves.

                                   John Cleese




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About me


People generally call me Vlad (English) or

Vlada (Serbian, Croatian).


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Samos, Summer 2009.
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Krakow, November 2009.
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